The Commitment

Shaktiism’s Commitment to the 10 Principles of Fair Trade

Shaktiism CIC (“The Company”) is committed to the 10 Principles of Fair Trade. These principle specify the ways that Fair Trade Enterprises are set up and behave to ensure they put people and planet first. The World Fair Trade Organization (“WFTO”) carries out verification and monitoring to ensure these principles are upheld. Shaktiism CIC is applying to join the WFTO as a verified member and welcomes the scrutiny that such memberships entail.

Shaktiism’s Commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goals

Shaktiism CIC is proud to be committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: 17 goals set in 2015 by the United Nations to be achieved in the next 15 years (2030) in order to make our world a better place for everyone. Our main focus is on the goals below, and we aim to make all decisions within the organisation with these underlying principles and goals in mind:

  • SDG 1: No poverty
  • SDG 5: Gender equality (empower women and girls)
  • SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth
  • SDG 10: Reduced inequalities
  • SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production

Shaktiism’s commitment to Freedom of Association & Right to Collective Bargaining throughout the supply chain

We truly believe that in order to achieve a positive social impact on Shakti.ism’s operations and supply chains, the empowerment and involvement of workers’ themselves can be critical to achieving sustainable and lasting progress.

Workers’ rights and business

The fundamental right of workers to freedom of association, to form organisations of their own choosing, to join trade unions, and to bargain collectively for their wages are one of the core principles of the International Labour Organization, the United Nations agency that promotes decent work for all women and men.

Effective worker organisation and representation can play a valuable role in building an overall positive business environment. It supports effective health and safety practices, skills and training programmes, as well as providing a clear platform for negotiations on pay and working conditions, or in resolving workplace disputes. 

Shaktiism CIC is committed to:

  • ensuring the rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining are enshrined at the heart of our ethical codes and policies;
  • working with supply chain partners to ensure that an open attitude to the presence and activities of trade unions is being adopted;
  • supporting worker representatives in carrying out their roles, and ensuring that they are not discriminated against; 
  • working with partners (suppliers, industry partners, labour rights organisations) to find alternative mechanisms for effective worker representation and collective bargaining in places where the rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining are restricted by law.

Shaktiism’s commitment to health and safety

Shaktiism CIC is fully committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment throughout the entire supply chain. Shaktiism CIC is fully aligned with the Safety, Health and Environment at Work Place Policy outlined by the Indian Government’s Ministry of Labour and Employment. This is done by adhering to regular legal risk assessments (which all organisations are legally required to complete), constant and direct engagement with people at all levels of the supply chain to ensure there are no health or safety issues or concerns. Site visits are regular and ongoing to ensure compliance and that everyone involved is working in a safe, healthy, happy and encouraging work environment.

Shaktiism’s Commitment to Fair Labour Sourcing and Fair Labour Standards and Transparency Throughout the Supply Chain

The Company is committed to conducting business in a lawful, ethical and responsible manner. We aim to enforce core labour standards throughout our entire supply chain. The core labour standards are a set of four fundamental, universal and indivisible human rights which we pledge to uphold:
— Freedom from forced labour
— Freedom from child labour
— Freedom from discrimination at work
— Freedom to form and join a union, and to bargain collectively

Shaktiism’s suppliers certify that they will conduct business in compliance with the law, including, among other things, without child labour, without forced or compulsory labour, without corporal punishment, without discrimination and in compliance with local fair wage and working hour requirements, and health, safety and environmental laws.