I'm Going Back to India!


I'm Jitna, the founder and one-woman team behind Shakti.ism, a social enterprise with a mission to empower and employ disadvantaged women in India and beyond. I thought I’d share a quick update on my women’s empowerment project for anyone who's interesting in following along.

Although fundraising has slowed down a bit, things have been very busy lately! I’ve found a fantastic partner nongovernmental organisation (NGO) to collaborate with in India, and I’ve just booked a (self-funded) week-long solo trip to visit and volunteer with them in a few months. They work to empower and support one of the most marginalised (and outcast) communities in India, so the scope (and need) for a positive impact is very promising and very big.

I’ll also be meeting with several local social entrepreneurs, women’s rights organisations, and I will be visiting some key sites in different Indian cities where my project could potentially be beneficial and well-suited.

I’m currently putting together a formal business plan, and still speaking to other NGOs as there might be potential opportunities to collaborate with others as well. I’m keeping busy and things are slowly but surely moving forward. It’s very exciting!

Thank you once again for your generosity and support. And if you wouldn’t mind sharing the link to my crowdfunding page to anyone who might be interested in contributing, I’d be extremely grateful: https://www.gofundme.com/f/2t2zk-she-will-survive

I’ll send more detailed updates soon.


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